Deconstructing Movie Trailers

Miguel Penabella | 3 July 2011

     Oh movie trailers, I love you so, from the universally infamous “red band trailer” (no-holds-barred previews not restricted by the Motion Picture Association of America) to thirty second long teasers of greater things to come. The MPAA’s current regulation that theatrical trailers are not to run over 2 minutes and 30 seconds (with the exception of just one film per year per movie studio) forces marketers to entice audiences with every single second of the trailer, lest their efforts be forgotten in the cutthroat business of contemporary cinema. But what exactly defines how a modern day movie trailer should successfully present its material? Well, this post will seek to examine some famous historically significant movie trailers and some current ones to point out the good, the bad, (and dare I say it), the ugly. Dammit.

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